At First Bible Baptist Church,
we are a team joined in common purpose
to know Jesus Christ more fully
and make Him more fully known.

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    September 27

    See You At the Pole
    Join believers in praying at the flag pole outside of local schools on Wednesday September 27. Pray for the students, the teachers, administrators and community, as well as our local, state and nation's leaders.

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    October 1

    Ladies’ Bible Study
    Join us at 4:30PM. We will be starting a new series entitled, "The Choice is Yours. Life Happens. Walking With God is a Decision.", by Terri Chappell. Sign up in the lobby.

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    October 21

    Men’s Ministry Breakfast
    Join us at 8:30AM in the church Fellowship Hall as we study “Job - A Man For All Ages”

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    October 21

    Planning Committee
    The planning committee will meet at 2PM to begin planning for the opening of a private Christian school associated with FBBC.

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    October 29

    Men’s Prayer Meeting
    Join us at 8AM as we pray for the church, our community and our personal as well as corporate commission.

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First Bible Baptist Church
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Service Times
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